Getting an Allotment in Dorking

There are five allotment sites in Dorking each managed by Mole Valley District Council (MVDC). For 2020/21 annual rents are charged at £85 per annum for full plots and £42.50 per annum for half plots (reduced to £73 and £36.50 concessions  for those over 60 years of age, full time students and the unemployed). Our sites have differing soil types and rules about the erection of sheds and polytunnels so keep that in mind when choosing a site (scroll down). There is also a small water charge applied.

Don't Over-commit Yourself

If you are new to allotmenteering you might like to consider taking on a half plot first in order to assess how much work is involved - on average during the spring and summer months you will need at least five hours per week to stay on top of a half plot. At DAHA we do see people take on new allotment plots with much enthusiasm only to give them up quite soon afterwards... after which they become quickly overgrown. This is a problem for you (you'll receive MVDC chasers), the next tenant (who takes on the plot), and those neighbouring plots maintained by dedicated growers (weeds spread!). Our advice is NOT to over-commit yourself. Having said this allotments are extremely good for you (and your family) they provide exercise, fresh fruit and veg and are extremely good for stress management and all round good mental health!

The Allotment Application Process

All sites in Dorking have waiting lists now (demand increased dramatically during the COVID-19 lockdown period). You would probably be waiting for one to two years before being offered a plot. However, the starting point is to join the official waiting list. Your details will be passed to the local site agent and they will contact you quite quickly to confirm receipt and/or arrange a site visit to review available plots. Once you have chosen a plot the site agent will contact MVDC and they will issue you with your first invoice. Payments in year one are based on the number of months remaining to the following April (the full payment year starts in April). You can pay allotment invoices online very easily,